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Supernatural’s Jim Beaver @ 2012 SDCC

Here’s one of several ‘Supernatural’ interviews we did at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. This one’s with Jim Beaver. Enjoy!

by Keith McDuffee

Supernatural Virgin Diary – Rounding the corner to the first season finale

I like it when ‘Supernatural’s’ Sam and Dean’s lives aren’t so easy. Heart attacks and ex- girlfriends are much more interesting than ghouls and goblins.

by Ivey West

Supernatural Virgin Diary – The boys fight like cats and dogs

Bugs, a trip home and the introduction of an enemy pepper the next entry in my ‘Supernatural’ Virgin Diary.

by Ivey West

Does The Walking Dead need a lighter side?

Does ‘The Walking Dead’ turn off some viewers because it takes itself so seriously? Is there room for humor in this stylized, character-driven slow burn of a show?

by Debbie McDuffee

What’s James Marsters’ best role since Spike? – Quibbling Siblings

Every week brother and sister team Bob and Debbie take on a new topic. James Marsters’ Spike was an epic character, but this week we discuss some of his more recent roles.

by Debbie McDuffee

Supernatural Virgin Diary – The mythology starts to sneak back in

Week two of ‘Supernatural’ episodes were very similar to the first week. Great chemistry between the leads, straightforward cases of the week and small but tasty morsels of a greater mythology.

by Ivey West

Supernatural Virgin Diary – And so we begin

This summer, I will be watching the first season (or two) of ‘Supernatural.’ Everyone tells me it’s a great show, now I am determined to find out for myself.

by Ivey West
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