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I’m not an American, but I play one on TV – CliqueClack Poll

Many of our favorite shows are undergoing a British (and Scottish, and Australian) invasion. Here, the CliqueClack team discusses the most impressive foreign actors in American roles. Vote for your favorite in our poll!

by Rachel Blum-Jose

Big Bang Theory, Community, and The Office? It’s not you, it’s me

If you miss your regular shows for a few weeks, do you go back and catch up? Or do you move on?

by Jen Creer

Poll – TV couples that we’re glad broke up

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we here at CliqueClack debate the relationships whose demolishing filled us with the most schadenfreude. Because we’re all incredibly bitter.

by Katie Schenkel

Who do YOU want to win a Golden Globe?

The Hollywood Foreign Press has picked the Golden Globe nominees and will announce their winners on Sunday, but first, you have the chance to pick your favorites.

by Carla Day

The 2011 People’s Choice Awards – Predictable apathy

It’s that time of year again … when the award shows launch the year and awkward speeches and sequined gowns flow liberally across our television screens. Did you watch this hot mess?

by Michael Noble

Quibbling Siblings – What three shows can’t you live without?

Every week brother and sister team Bob and Debbie take on a new topic. This week it’s the three currently-airing shows that we can’t live without.

by Debbie McDuffee

Poll: Who’s the worst couple on TV right now?

Ain’t love grand? Well, most of the time, it is. But sometimes on TV, it just sucks. Let us know who you think TV’s worst couple is!

by Julia Hass
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