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Husbands – Webisode Clack

Friend of CliqueClack Jane Espenson has a new project you may have heard rumblings about on Twitter, in the form of a new web series called ‘Husbands’, due to premiere later this year. I asked Jane about the new series and what to expect at SDCC this year.

by Keith McDuffee

Music makes Eureka go round!

‘Eureka’ begins its next story arc – the Astraeus project. First, the town has to deal with its residents exhibiting odd behaviors.

by Carla Day

Five reasons why you want the Dr. Horrible book NOW

Any fan of the ‘Dr. Horrible’ web series would be doing themselves an incredible disservice by not owning this book. Here are some reasons you’re going to want a copy, as if you needed any.

by Keith McDuffee

The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour – Webisode Clack

Did you know Volk of ‘The Guild’ has his own web series? Well, he’s not Vork here, but Jeff Lewis being allowed to do his own thing is some pretty funny stuff.

by Keith McDuffee

The Streamy Awards – An unmitigated disaster

The Second Annual ‘Streamy Awards’ happened on Sunday, and to call it a train wreck is to be kind. A horribly produced show turned vulgar and offensive while falling well short of its goal to honor excellence in web television.

by Brett Love

Webisode Clack – Previously On Point Dume

Everyone’s favorite active, Enver Gjokaj, returns to the small screen with his very own web series, ‘Previously On Point Dume’. It’s a recap show for the greatest nighttime soap opera that never existed.

by Brett Love

Undeclared – CliqueClack Flashback

Undeclared is the best show about school ever made. Cliqueclack Flashback = DONE. Judd Apatow‘s quickly-canceled college follow-up to his quickly-canceled high school series, Freaks and Geeks, was released my junior year of college. I hadn’t seen Freaks and Geeks at the time, so I had no idea who Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, or any […]

by Kona Gallagher
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