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The best popcorn movies of 2011

You probably won’t find an Oscar contender on this list, but these are the ten movies that entertained me most this year.

My overly-clever awards of 2011

Jeremy Fogelman presents his own year-end “unique” awards for 2011.

Flicks on DVD and Blu-ray – Bridesmaids, Dumbo, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

If you like comedy, classics and horror (especially the 80s kind), you’ll love this week’s home video releases.

Want to see more quality, female-centric films? Go see Bridesmaids!

Amid great critical buzz, ‘Bridesmaids’ enjoyed a successful opening weekend. Plus it was top-notch funny. And it starred six women.

Bridesmaids – Not your average chick flick

Kristin Wiig tackles her first starring role on the big screen and the results are hilarious!

Cinema Showcase – Bridesmaids, Priest, In a Better World and more

Looking for something besides a special effects-driven blockbuster this weekend? Here’s a look at some alternate choices for your movie-going pleasure.

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