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Sweet and sour cabbage wedges – Recipe Test Drive


cabbage wedges

I really love cabbage. It’s delicious when it’s raw and crunchy, and I love the sweetness it takes on when braised. I love sauerkraut, cole slaw (mayonnaise free, of course) and simply snitching chunks of cabbage when I’m preparing it. Yeah, I’m a little weird.

I was looking for a recipe I’d never made before, since we had some crisp and fresh cabbage from the CSA farm this week. It needed to be easy, fast and tasty. Sweet and sour cabbage wedges fit the bill, and I thought they’d go perfectly — well, more like serviceably, but I was in a time crunch! — with our grilled Delmonico steak and corn on the cob.

cabbage cooking

The recipe was so easy and really delicious. Browning the cabbage first reminded me of grilling romaine hearts, which is a brilliant thing to do. It gives such a depth of flavor to the cabbage. Then braising it in cider vinegar and a little brown sugar gave it a sauerkraut-ness but not quite.

Next time, I will try drizzling with soy sauce before serving, as suggested in the recipe, as an alternative to salt and pepper.

Sweet and sour cabbage wedges were a hit with every member of my family and we’ll definitely be making them again. Yeah, I’ve got more cabbage in the fridge.

Photo Credit: Debbie McDuffee

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