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Side Dishes


Soy-agave glazed carrots are a crowd pleaser

A wheat-free, gluten-free side dish with no unrefined sugar that everyone enjoyed? Yes, it really does exist!

Quinoa with corn, spinach and pine nuts

Something’s got me cooking up quinoa, one of my favorite side dishes, and this one is a tender balance of sweetness with some unique spices and herbs that really works for me.

Red quinoa stuffing with apples and currants

To satisfy a craving with something better than you originally craved is truly a wondrous thing….

Five classy dinner side dishes – Recipe Roundup

A side dish can really make a meal seem classier… says the lazy home cook who makes her risotto in a rice cooker. Ahem.

Heidi Swanson’s shredded Brussels sprouts and apples – Recipe Test Drive

Nothing can beat oven-roasted Brussels sprouts, though I do think some of Heidi’s ideas can combine with roasted sprouts beautifully.

Ribeye with cherry tomato brie sauce, green beans and squash

Feast your eyes on our Friday night dinner. It was worth a little (and I mean a little) extra effort to have a special meal worthy of an entire bottle of red wine.

Beef tenderloin with blueberry sauce, spiced tomato gratin and chocolate nut cake – Recipe Roundup

These recipes just sort of fell into place and created a menu … I love it when that happens.

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