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Kona Gallagher

Twitter: kona99
Bio: If you live on the East Coast and watched a local ad on cable between 2002 and 2005, there's a chance I had something to do with that-- I may have even written it. I'm sorry and I promise that I never *wanted* to end a commercial with a shot of the employees standing in the parking lot and waving; it just happens. Right now, I confine my writing to various corners of the internet, including the entire CliqueClack family of sites. If you travel between the sites, you can probably figure out enough information about me to steal my identity. So good luck with that, sucker. Have fun paying my student loans.

Posts by Kona Gallagher

Ridiculously easy baked spaghetti – Hold the Meat

This quick and easy way to make pasta is the perfect weekday dinner that your kids will love.

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with quinoa and grape tomatoes – Hold the Meat

Yet another use for Twitter: dinner ideas. Wil Wheaton tweeted what he was having for dinner and it was immediately on my plate.

Pasta with pesto cream sauce and grape tomatoes – Hold the Meat

Is your basil starting to grow? Start using it with this creamy, somewhat low-fat pasta recipe.

Bring some veggies to your Super Bowl party without being a jerk – Hold the Meat

Looking for something reasonably healthy to eat at your Super Bowl party this weekend? This recipes make eating veggies while watching football awesome.

‘Castle’ star Nathan Fillion tweets his vegetarian bean dip recipe

Recently, Nathan Fillion tweeted a seven-layer bean dip recipe and invited his followers to try it out and take photos. I did just that.

These dark chocolate salted caramel cookies are the best thing that have ever happened to me

I love slice-and-bake cookies, but these are hands-down the greatest cookies I have ever made from scratch. They blow everything before them completely out of the water and made me start making cookies again.

The world’s easiest banana muffins – Breakfast at Clique-any’s

With just six ingredients, these banana muffins couldn’t be an easier way to get rid of those bananas that are a little bit past their prime.

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