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The Glades teases, pleases & tosses in a monkey wrench

While the season finale closed some doors and opened others, it was one of the least powerful episodes of the season. Luckily, the last 10 minutes brought it home for me. Whew!

- Season 1, Episode 13 - "Breaking 80"

Hmpf. If the previews were any indication, this week was going to be all about my peeps, Jim and Callie. Instead, they were barely on screen together. I can see why they wanted do this episode, because the case was Jim’s dream case involving death surrounded by golf pros. What could be better for a policeman & golf aficionado! For me, not so much. I could have used 45 minutes of Jim, Callie and Heather and 15 minutes of case.

From the boat scene last week, it seems we’ve jumped into a full fledged dating situation with Heather and Jim. He’s helping her move items and they’re cooking dinner together. looking very cozy. I admit I am lost with the whole situation. I thought Callie was still intent on asking Ray for a divorce, and that Jim was excited about that. But then she’s saying she has no ties to him and he can date who he wants? I don’t agree. If I were Callie I would be totally confused.  But, that’s what makes Callie such an interesting character. Where I would get angry and vindictive (shhhhh, I don’t admit that to just anyone), she just soldiers on with a silent confidence that what’s meant to happen will happen.

While Heather’s trying to dig her hands into Jim, she reveals she was on the golf team in high school, they go to the driving range, and end up playing a whole game together. Unfortunately for Heather, she’s not like Callie. She reads cues incorrectly. Such as, hey — we’re dating! What I said earlier, about them full on dating? Not so much. Jim “breaks 80″ which is a good thing, I guess. I’m sure my golf score would be 315, mulligans not included, but Jim knows his stuff and this is a huge feat for him. His excitement is contagious and Heather caught it and grabbed his face for a kiss. It wasn’t until this moment that we were sure there was no dating, and Jim’s heart still belongs to Callie.

The Glades has managed to make us root for a couple who has never done more than kiss. Jim and Callie remain friends, talk truthfully to each other and share something really special. Once Jim realizes this, he heads to Callie’s and the moment we have awaited all season come to fruition. SEX! And not just sex, but the fun kind where they fall off the bed laughing. The best sex depicted on television and in the movies (in my opinion) is when the partners enjoy the hell out of it and don’t take it too seriously. What we waited for was exactly as it should be.

But, this is television folks. As much reality as they breathe into these characters, their lives are not in their own hands, but those of the writers. And those writers did the other thing we knew was coming all season. They’re letting Ray out of prison. Everything we awaited and achieved will be left blowing in the wind at the beginning of Season 2. But, dammit, I cannot wait.

Couple of quotes for ya:

“I’ve never seen fairways so tight. Did you see that approach shot, on 12?” – Jim
“No, no, no. But did you see the dead body in front of me?” – Carlos

“I was at my house, watching Hot Tub Time Machine on pay-per-view.” – Terry (a suspect)
“Now THAT is a good alibi. No one would lie about that.” – Jim

Photo Credit: A&E

One Response to “The Glades teases, pleases & tosses in a monkey wrench”

October 4, 2010 at 3:51 PM

I’m a guy that usually finds most relationships in TV shows to be silly. (e.g., Castle, Bones, etc.) In those shows the interactions between are fun, but there’s nothing that really calls out to you and says the world just isn’t right without the two characters together, the UST is just that. Somehow The Glades has managed to pull it off with two people that have more serious obstacles towards getting together than in any other show I’ve scene and has made that whole plot more interesting than an already awesome “main” plot.

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