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Dichen Lachman – Interview transcript

Here's the full transcript for the interview I conducted with 'Being Human's' Dichen Lachman last week.

Last week, I managed to ask Dichen Lachman a few questions during a conference call about her new character Suren on Being Human. For the full article and spoilers on her character, see “Being Human’s Dichen Lachman is a total doll.” For the transcript, see below. Remember, Being Human plays at 9/8c on Syfy each week.


Hi, I have just a couple questions for you. But my initial question is that Aidan’s relationship with most vampires last year tended to end incredibly violently. Although I know that you can’t foresee into the future, how do you see Aidan and your character’s relationship? Will it follow along the history that was set up during Season 1 with all the other vampires?

Dichen Lachman:   

Are you saying will it end violently? I think that Aidan … I can’t exactly say, but I think it’s fair to assume that Aidan will always be confronting something very difficult and very challenging and something’s going to make him very sad. I think, it’s sort of unexpected and expected and I think it’s going to be shocking.

I think that it’s going to be difficult. He’s one of those characters who is always struggling, and does get into these incredibly violent scenarios. So I think he can definitely expect it to play out violently in some way, shape or form which I can’t talk about right now. Yes, it’s not pleasant at all for him.


During Season 1, he has an intense on again/off again relationship with another female vampire Rebecca who Bishop sired for him. How will your character’s relationship to him slightly differ?

Dichen Lachman:   

Oh sorry, yes it’s different I think with the relationship with Rebecca because this is a relationship that’s been going for a very, very long time. I think everyone has that person. Everyone has that person in their life that they’ve always loved and they’ve never been able to tell them or make it work.

And there’s this person in their heart who they’re very close with,  either in a friendly way or they have a love-hate relationship, but someone who is in their world and they almost feel like they can’t breathe knowing that,  they’re not there. And yet they never get together, you know. So it’s different in that way. It’s been like a really slow burn.

It’s almost like she doesn’t know what her world is like without him and he doesn’t know what his world is like without her. I mean, he’s adapted, but prior to her going to the ground.  She’s … they’ve just got this thing, this like thing they can’t really talk about. And obviously it’s already coming together in the second episode. You can see the tension there.

So I think in that way, it’s different. I think his relationship with Rebecca was true and real and it happened and it was so strong, their attraction towards one another. But this is just … it’s living in a different place. And it’s living in a different time and his relationship with her, there are so many rules and regulations around it whereas with Rebecca, he was very free to love her.

There was no on stopping him. But Suren’s from a different class of vampires, she’s mother’s daughter and so it’s much more complicated in a political sense than his relationship with Rebecca. So I think there’s sort of, you can look forward to another element in there, another (unintelligible) in the works, their relationship.


Okay and just one final question. You mentioned earlier that they had not consummated their relationship. Do you know if they will consummate it this season on Being Human?

Dichen Lachman:   

I think you’ll see it build towards,  it going in that direction because,  it’s like you can feel that they want to be together, but they can’t. And they want to go there, but they don’t. And it’s going to happen, but he knows that if he does he’ll be completely ostracized and in a lot of trouble. So I think that’s what will make their relationship somewhat exciting through it as you watch it.

I mean you’re all very smart people. I almost don’t want to say because I didn’t check if I could say this, but I think it’s … will definitely go in that direction. Yes.

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