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Game of Thrones – Anyone can be killed

This week, Arya Stark provided the one line that defines the entirety of 'Game of Thrones:' "Anyone can be killed." One does not simply say that to the Lord of the House of Lannister without having big cojones.

- Season 2, Episode 5 - "The Ghost Of Harrenhal"

I have the honor of filling in for Carla for Game of Thrones this week. Sadly, I cannot follow her usual form of presenting the episode from the perspective of someone who hasn’t read the series A Song of Ice and Fire. Fret not gentle reader, as I do not plan on discussing, hinting, nodding, pointing or even winking at anything that would be considered a spoiler for events beyond this episode. If I do, you are more than welcome to put my head on a stake at the gates of CliqueClack HQ (metaphorically speaking of course).

As hard as the deaths of Khal Drogo and Eddard Stark were for fans to take during the first season, the loss of Renly Baratheon to the (lowercase) game of thrones will be something I doubt most will appreciate. Including Renly, there were five players to the game (Stannis, Joffery, Robb Stark and now Balon Greyjoy, even if no one yet realizes he has entered the frey). A real alliance between these two players – who just happen to be the closest things in Westeros to wearing white hats – would tilt the odds in their favor. Unfortunately, the echoes of Eddard and Robert’s alliance that Catelyn referenced are not to be, though according to Tywin, the Young Wolf is doing quite well for himself thus far.

Continuing with the theme of Margaery Tyrell being my most favorite of the newly added characters this season (If you’re not afraid of spoilers, read all about my latest obsession here), she had several great moments following Renly’s death. Loras might be the warrior of the family, but his sister is the one with the high aspirations and political savvy to achieve them. While not in the game at a King’s level, both she and Littlefinger are players not to be underestimated; an alliance between them could be incredible.

The pairing of Cat and Brienne, however, isn’t something I have a great deal of interest in. I don’t really understand how entering into Catelyn’s service moves Brienne in the direction of her goal, the revenge of Renly’s death. Lady Stark is headed north, first to see Robb, and then home to Winterfell; Stannis is headed south to King’s Landing. They are not exactly on convergent paths.

Back in the North, Bran has become a surprisingly good lord for someone his age. He was impressive both with how he solved the problem and how he handled the man who presented it. We didn’t experience more of his dreams this week, but tell Osha about one that he had, describing the “sea coming to Winterfell.” While I don’t really have much to say about what he saw, I will say that it is decidedly different than anything we’ve seen have seen thus far. The sea flooding Winterfell doesn’t seem to be related to wolf dreams we’ve seen already.

Further north, beyond the wall, I am beginning to wonder if Jon Snow is Luke Skywalker reborn. I can easily imagine Mormont giving him an order, and Jon saying something about going into Toche Station to get some power converters. Perhaps going on a ranging with Qhorin Halfhand will cure him of the almost emo attitude he has been sporting most of this season. Spending time with a different type of mentor could do him some good, obviously being Mormont’s steward hasn’t groomed him in the ways the Lord Commander had expected.

Jon’s half sister, Arya Stark, easily had the best line in “The Ghosts of Harrenhall,” one that easily can describe the series as a whole: “Anyone can be killed.” That she has the nerve to say it – even in a different context – directly to Lord Tywin Lannister defines her character as well as any moment in the series thus far. I haven’t been the fan of her relationship with Gendry like others have been, but I did like the moment that they shared at the end of the episode. There was just something comfortable about their relationship; something that shouldn’t have necessarily formed in the hell that they have shared, but has developed nonetheless.

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