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Bio: Rachel's obsessions include (in no particular order): running, television, black and white cookies, piano, good coffee, craft beer, a cappella music, pizza, writing, and sangria. Even better when experienced in the same day. She's bad at updating blogs and baby books, and tries not to feel too guilty about it.

Posts by Rachel Blum-Jose

Bunheads – A self-fulfilling prophecy that takes the cake

The Joffrey auditions are approaching, which means last-minute preparation, introspection … and a cake with a rather rude inscription.

Diary of a One Tree Hill Virgin – And the world spins madly on

At this point in the series, I’m convinced that nobody’s story on ‘One Tree Hill’ is more emotional than Peyton’s. Marriages may come and go, and college applications will work themselves out, but nobody should endure the pain of losing not one, but two mothers.

Reminiscing about Family Feud – Not Quite Primetime

I’m back for another crack at a weekly column that focuses on the shows you may see from 9-5 during the weekday. Talk shows, game shows, reality TV, reruns, and informational shows are all fair game (and subject to my sarcastic commentary).

Diary of a One Tree Hill Virgin – What could have been

I’ve almost reached the Season 2 Finale of ‘One Tree Hill.’ In the episodes leading up to it, Nathan explores the question of how life would have been different had his dad married Karen instead of his mom.

Bunheads – Should Michelle sell her inheritance?

Michelle meets a few more people in Paradise this week, including an eccentric real estate agent who seems to have her heart set on convincing Michelle to sell her new property. Do you think she should do it?

Diary of a One Tree Hill Virgin – Everybody’s running away

Keith discovers the truth about Jules, Nathan and Haley are nowhere near resolving their marriage issues, and Dan and Lucas are closer than ever – but only in proximity. Join me as I watch ‘One Tree Hill’ for the first time!

Pretty Little Liars – What happened to Melissa’s baby?

When Mona tells Hanna that you can’t trust anybody — even family — is she trying to tell her that Spencer’s sister Melissa is responsible for a portion of “A”s deadly games? And what exactly happened to Melissa’s baby?

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