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Big Brother – Finally, a big move is made

After a slippery HOH competition, Shane is once again the head of the ‘Big Brother’ house … and he made a huge move with nominations. But will Pandora’s Box screw everything up?

by Chuck Duncan

Ratings Clack – The Olympics continue to dominate

The Olympics continued to dominate all of television, moving into position to pass the Beijing games as the most watched TV event in US history. On cable, ‘Dallas’ wrapped season one on a good note.

by Brett Love

Big Brother – It’s Boogie’s game to lose … or is it?

There are two new nominees in the ‘Big Brother’ house, but one player seems to think he’s on track to take home the prize again. Can Boogie win it all by staying loyal to Frank, or is that a guaranteed second place finish?

by Chuck Duncan

Big Brother – Janelle dug her own grave

The greatest player to never win ‘Big Brother’ finds herself on the chopping block, but was Janelle’s heart really in the game?

by Chuck Duncan

Ratings Clack – The Olympics Dominate TV

The London Olympic Games took over all of television last week. The networks largely went with the run and hide philosophy. The shows that did brave the games met with varied success, and failure.

by Brett Love

Big Brother – Danielle has all the power

After a three hour-plus HOH competition, there’s a new HOH in the ‘Big Brother’ house, and two new people on the block. One of them will go home this week, but will a real danger still remain in the game?

by Chuck Duncan

Big Brother – The game has been reset

America has voted, allegedly, and the results of the vote have dramatically changed everything we’ve seen on ‘Big Brother’ so far this season. But is it a good thing? And we have the results of the HOH competition as a hidden spoiler!

by Chuck Duncan
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