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Rooney Mara – Making a case for Oscar

The Oscar battle this year seems to be between Meryl Streep and Viola Davis. But is it too soon for Rooney Mara to win an Oscar? Guest Clacker Gari Hart makes the argument for her to win.

Gary Oldman does not deserve the Oscar … this year

Gary Oldman is a filmic chameleon, but does he deserve an Oscar for his least challenging role?

One thing is for certain: The Dark Knight Rises will be awesome/terrible

Yesterday, I was surprised to find a bat flying towards my face – especially as I was in my flat at the time. And, as it swooped towards me, I wondered if it was a sign from Christopher Nolan, telling me to write my thoughts about his next Batman film.

The Inevitability of a Hangover

Guest Clacker Kenneth Sheehan is back, this time asking the question of whether or not yet another sequel to ‘The Hangover’ would be a good idea.

Hanna has its plot holes, though they’re easily forgivable

‘Hanna’ is a departure for director Joe Wright, whose previous work consists of dramas, such as ‘The Soloist,’ and literary adaptations, such as ‘Atonement’ and ‘Pride & Prejudice.’ This is a strong venture into the realm of the action driven thriller.

3D? More like 3Don’t.

Guest Clacker Kenneth Sheehan takes on the movie industry’s love affair with 3D lately.

Attack The Block shows cheering for the anti-heroes is OK

Guest clacker Daniel “Mini” Meier is back with another Guest Clack for us, this time reviewing the UK-based flick ‘Attack The Block,’ which got some decent praise out of SXSW earlier this year.

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