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More potato salads for the mayophobic


potato corn salad

Somebody help me… I can’t stop making potato salad. I’ve become a monster, out of control. Ever since I did my first post about gourmet potato salads for the mayophobic (yes, you, mayonnaise haters, at attention now!), I have offered to bring a potato salad to every function we’ve been invited to. I spend my free time scouring the internet for mayonnaise-free potato salad recipes (hint: search for “potato salad with vinaigrette”). Is there no end to the madness?

I think I can break free. I resisted the urge to offer a potato salad for a cookout we’re invited to this weekend, and instead will be bringing a green salad, likely my mesclun salad we’re addicted to here. Am I confessing too many food addictions in this post? What must you think of me?

Regardless, you’re getting a bunch of great potato salad recipes, courtesy of my addiction.

Speaking of addictions, I’m pretty sure Bobby Flay’s got a little problem. Not only does the guy have about four-thousand potato salad recipes, a disproportionate amount of them have bacon and bleu cheese in them. I get that this isn’t a bad thing, by any stretch of the imagination, but methinks Bobby and I may need the same 12-step program. I picked my favorite of the bunch, along with a couple others of his that were just to good not to mention:

Summer’s upon us, which inadvertently got me attracted to a group of refreshing (for lack of a better word) potato salads. They’ve got veggies!

If it’s warm, does it become something other than a potato salad? While you ponder this existentialist question, enjoy these recipes for warm potato salad. I know you can do two things at once.

UPDATE: You can find even more potato salads for the mayophobic, because I can’t seem to stop writing about them….

Photo Credit: Debbie McDuffee

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