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Hell’s Kitchen – Red vs Blue

It was Red vs Blue all night in ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ but the episode was little more than a waste of time that led up to … To Be Continued.

by Chuck Duncan

Ratings Clack – Crimetime takes a back seat to the long ball

Baseball led the way on broadcast and cable last week, taking a bit of the shine off of premieres for ‘The Closer’, ‘Perception’, ‘Covert Affairs’, ‘White Collar’, and ‘NY Med’.

by Brett Love

Hell’s Kitchen – David Beckham and Lee Dewyze sit at the Chef Tables

In ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ the roll of a die gave teams the choice to pick their own ingredients for a challenge. Who knew D was for dragon fruit? It also stood for David (Beckham) and (Lee) Dewyze, special guests at the Chef Tables this week. But with virtually no sleep, the women seemed poised to totally fall apart. Becks to the rescue!

by Chuck Duncan

Ratings Clack – Olympic trials lead a slow holiday week as ‘Anger Management’ tumbles

A slow holiday week was headlined by gymnasts making a case to go to London on the broadcast networks. On cable, Showtime had premieres for ‘Weeds’ and ‘Episodes’ as Charlie Sheen took a big drop, but the big numbers were for the ‘BET Awards’.

by Brett Love

Hell’s Kitchen – Death of a spoiler

As I sit here in my comfy blue chair, I’m thinking that some of you were quite surprised at the departure of a certain contestant on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ this week. I’m not.

by Tara Shrodes

Ratings Clack – Anger Management no match for a new Duncan

FX had the big story on cable with the premiere of Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’, but it was surprisingly upstaged in the viewer department by ‘Good Luck Charlie’. On the broadcast networks, NBC got the Olympic machine fired up a little early.

by Brett Love

Hell’s Kitchen – Why the blue team is in trouble and Patrick won’t win

The (mostly) men’s blue team continued to have problems on the second installment of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ for this week. They’re dropping faster than the stock market over there. Okay the stock market may be doing worse. But my Gordon Ramsay is going to have to shake things up soon, to get the teams even again. Oh! And I’ll tell you what I think of today’s spoiler about the supposed winner!

by Tara Shrodes
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