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Quotation Marks – Leverage, The Simpsons and How I Met Your Mother

Join us as the Clique takes a look back at the week in television quotes. If we missed your favorite, be sure to share it with us in the comments!

by Ivey West

Ratings Clack – Premieres! The Firm, Chelsea, The Finder, 30 Rock, Rob, The Game

The flood of premieres for the new year continues with ‘The Firm,’ ‘Are You There Chelsea,’ ‘The Finder,’ ’30 Rock,’ ‘Rob,’ and ‘The Game.’ That’s both good and bad, as the numbers run the gamut from ‘sure to be canceled’ to ‘solid hit’.

by Brett Love

Quotation Marks – Quotes from Chuck, 30 Rock and Castle

Join us as the Clique reviews our favorite television quotes for the week. If we missed your favorite, be sure to share it with us in the comments!

by Ivey West

Chuck – The return of the Intersect

Sarah decides they should leave the spy world, but of course, there is one last mission. And, it involves the intersect, Frosted Tips, and Bo Derek. Will they all come back from the mission?

by Carla Day

Ratings Clack – Bachelor, Work It, and Biggest Loser start the 2012 premieres

The new calendar year is upon us, and the mid-season premieres are already starting. ABC kicked off ‘The Bachelor’, ‘Wife Swap’, and ‘Work It’, while NBC had a brand new season of ‘Biggest Loser’. Over on cable, have the judge/host shenanigans ruined ‘Project Runway’?

by Brett Love

Chuck – A baby Bartowski?

‘Chuck’ is quickly coming to an end. Secrets are being revealed and lives are being changed.

by Carla Day

Ratings Clack – TBS Big Bang Theory vs NBC Community?

The week between Christmas and New Years is something of a new programming wasteland, but I did manage to find a very interesting number for ‘Big Bang Theory’ repeats on TBS. How do you suppose those stack up against ‘Community’ or ‘Chuck’ on NBC?

by Brett Love
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