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CommercialClack – Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G LTE

Michael is sighing over here. Heavily. At the Sprint ‘Evo’ commercial currently on the airwaves. And Tara does not see what the big deal is. Let’s CommercialClack!

by Michael Noble

A small attempt at pulling the plug on devolution … courtesy of the typewriter

Suddenly, there might be a little bit of hope in stymieing my fear that kids today are going to hell in a handbasket …

by Michael Noble

MusiClack – Bruce Springsteen shows us his demons

Legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen surprised his fans and the world over when he revealed a dark secret to the New Yorker. Tara and Michael discuss their reactions to the Boss’ revelation in this week’s edition of MusiClack.

by Tara Shrodes

CartoonClack – Eek! The Cat

Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp created a terrific 90’s cartoon that, criminally, still hasn’t seen the proper light of day on DVD. Michael guest posts for Katie in this edition of CartoonClack.

by Michael Noble

CommercialClack – Those head-shaking McDonald’s ads

Every couple of years, we get treated to some spectacular Olympic moments, be they during the summer games or the winter games. The McDonald’s ads below? Not included in any of those moments …

by Michael Noble

Leap Year – A startup story web series with an impressive array of guests

Web series ‘Leap Year’ follows a small band of entrepreneurs in their quest for start-up success and glory, with some notable guest stars spread throughout.

by Keith McDuffee

The Brady Bunch reboot: When it ultimately fails, we can gladly blame Vince Vaughn

Hollywood: Please. Not another doomed-to-fail reboot. Have you no mercy on us, your faithful viewing public … the 18-49 demographic who has stuck with you through thick and thin?

by Michael Noble
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