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Mentalist – I do what Red John tells me to do

An apparent admission of love, and a surprising death on the season finale of ‘The Mentalist'; but was it really all that it seemed?

by Keith McDuffee

The Mentalist – What’s Patrick Jane’s game?

After quite a dry spell of Red John goings-on on ‘The Mentalist’, “Red Rover, Red Rover” brings him back into the fold, and Jane’s reaction takes an unusual turn.

by Keith McDuffee

The Mentalist – Red John likes his tea too

As is usual for ‘The Mentalist’, I don’t want to go into the case of the week so much, but since there was some Red John goings-on, let’s talk about that for a moment.

by Keith McDuffee

Was The Mentalist’s Red John ever gone? Nope, because he’s Patrick Jane

I know there are a great many people who not only hate the fact that Jane didn’t kill the real Red John last season, but hate my favorite theory: Patrick Jane is Red John. But this episode screamed in support of it.

by Keith McDuffee

Mentalist – It’s time someone beefed up security

Really there are only a couple of main points I wanted to quickly mention regarding this episode. And, of course, they’re Red John related.

by Keith McDuffee

The Mentalist – I’ll try not to rub it in, Bradley Whitford lovers

Plenty of people jumped all over me for doubting Bradley Whitford as being Red John. Here, have some crow; I hear it’s delicious.

by Keith McDuffee

The Mentalist kept me guessing … and still does

After three seasons of wondering and guessing, the third season finale of ‘The Mentalist’ finally revealed Red John to be … Bradley Whitford? Not likely, I say.

by Keith McDuffee
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