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Being Human – Yep, they Blew the Hatch

Was it the steamy, wolfy sex? Well, that sure didn't hurt, but so much of this episode felt right that I can safely say Being Human's hatch is blown!

- Season 1, Episode 8 - "Children Shouldn't Play With Undead Things"

Back in the episode 5 review of Being Human, I mentioned Carla felt that particular episode Blew the Hatch, as we say here on the site. I actually thought it was close, but not quite there yet. After watching this week’s offering a couple of times, I think we’ve finally come to a turning point in this fledgling series! Man, the latest episode was good.

Aidan’s storyline got to me much more than I expected. He talked about his son in the last episode, but seeing him with Bernie made me convinced of the kind of father he was. I realized just how good of a man he was before being forced into a bloodthirsty, undead life. Sam Witwer really made me believe it too. I even had to laugh when he instinctively commented on Paul Revere being a tool; and when he started telling Bernie about his love for The Three Stooges, I had to laugh at the sheer delight in Aidan’s face. I then remembered that Aidan probably became of fan of the Stooges when their movies first came out! Of course, when Aidan told him to go up and pick out one of the DVDs, I just knew the kid was going to grab the snuff film. I saw it coming a mile away, and I cringed the rest of the episode waiting for the bomb to drop.

To my relief, Bernie’s mom only thought it was porn and Bernie didn’t think Aidan wanted him to take it. The strange thing is, I feel like this could happen in real life; a Big Brother mentor has porn in his house that his Little Brother nabs, but the Big Brother gets accused of being a pervert. I know Bernie is in the next episode, but I wonder what will happen between these two characters. The preview made me really wonder.

Oh, and Josh had some big stuff happen too, didn’t he? Seriously, how hot was his love scene? Hot. I know True Blood holds the title of sexiest vampire/werewolf show, but Josh and Nora’s scene was super sexy … and almost fully clothed. That’s right, you don’t have to have full frontal nudity to make an awesome, raw sex scene on television! I’d even go as far as saying Josh’s sex scene was way hotter than Aidan’s scenes with Rebecca. Actually, after it cut to black, I kind of felt the urge to slow clap for Josh. Bravo to Sam Huntington for admitting that he was doing his actual O face.

You want to know what really made this episode? Josh in full-werewolf mode. In the first episode review, I wasn’t sure about the werewolf special effects, but I thought full-wolf Josh looked great. Let’s face it; even Aidan ran out of the room (with their precious TV in his arms), so we finally get to see just how dangerous werewolves are. I’m so glad Sally got to see him that way and finally understood just what a curse it is — even if it is just one night a month. My god, the sounds coming out of that man’s mouth as he transformed were something out of a nightmare.

The weaker part of the episode was Sally, but I think that’s because she’s the weakest character of the three. I think this is more the writers’ fault than actress Meaghan Rath‘s. Maybe it’s because the character herself is in limbo, but it feels like the writers don’t know what to do with her, either. I’m hoping that after what she saw in this episode, she’ll stop complaining so much. Even after my frustrations with Sally, I’m liking this show more and more with every episode. I know some of you were wary of this remake from the beginning, but if this episode is any indication, we’re just getting started.

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7 Responses to “Being Human – Yep, they Blew the Hatch”

March 9, 2011 at 3:46 PM

I’m still diggin’ the show, but didn’t see this as a real standout episode. I liked last week’s better.

I think by Sally’s nature her story options are limited. I mean, she can’t really talk to anyone except Josh and Aidan….

March 9, 2011 at 10:14 PM

Gotta agree with Bob and Carla’s choices over this episode. A “Blow the Hatch” episode means it is THE episode that convinced you it’s awesome. If the previous ones didn’t do that and this one did, then I guess that’s your choice. I’m just not sure why this one was better than those I guess.

March 9, 2011 at 11:10 PM

For me, the previous episodes felt like they were spinning their wheels a little too much. This is the first episode where I really felt like the show is finally coming together. And it was the first episode where I felt compelled to watch it again right away. So yeah, it’s the first time I really feel like the show is at that level.

I get it that other Clackers thought that happened earlier, but for me, they blew the hatch on Monday.

March 10, 2011 at 9:52 AM

I’m not sure you get the definition though. Think about when a show Jumps the Shark. It’s usually a big moment. It stands WAY out. Like someone kisses another person or a baby is suddenly brought into the show. I’m just not seeing what happened here that, say next year, you’d remember, “oh man remember that time!”

Just trying not to water down the definition of the term. :)

March 10, 2011 at 1:33 PM

I think, at least from my perspective, it’s not a matter of it having “Blow the Hatch” earlier, its that it hasn’t happened at all. If it is “finally coming together,” then, at least to me, that’s not the same thing.

These are big, sweeping moments, that define a show, when it turns from a pretty good show to ‘HOLY CRAP I GOTTA WATCH THIS EVERY WEEK. TWICE. AND AGAIN ON SUNDAYS JUST BECAUSE.’

When you look back at the original “Blowing the Hatch” series, I’m not sure this episode is in the same neighborhood :(

March 10, 2011 at 1:37 PM

Yeah, and not every show has one. There are some excellent shows that were just consistently awesome, with no real standout blow the hatch moment. Just like some shows really stank without a jump the shark moment.

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