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Quotation Marks – True Blood, Bunheads, Dallas

Join the Clique as we Clack about some of our favorite television quotes from the previous week. If we missed one of your favorites, be sure to share it in the comments!

Veep (review)

“Greetings from the clubhouse of power, Amy. You need to know that the White House understands just how toxic the Veep is after these latest numbers.” — Jonah
“It’s a tough time. We’re aware.” — Amy
“Do you want to know how toxic she is, Amy? Imagine something small has crawled up a dead cow’s ass,  and then that small thing actually dies itself, then that dead thing farted out a sac of eggs, but each individual egg is a smaller, rotting dead thing. That’s how toxic she is.” — Jonah

True Blood (review)

“Who’s to say she won’t rise up out of the ground completely and utterly fucktarded?” — Pam about Tara’s prospects as a vampire

“If you can use your magic hands or your super snatch or whatever power it is you have over Eric to fix what’s broken between us and you’ll still owe me one, you’ve got yourself a deal.” — Pam to Sookie

“Keep the noise down in there. New Orleans is only sixty miles away.” — Bill to Eric and Nora

“We fight like siblings, but we fuck like champions.” — Eric, about Nora

The Borgias (review)

“Do you remember the old days? We were friends. We did everything together.” — Juan, to his penis

“Only God forgives. We Borgias, we never forgive.” — Cesare, to Juan

“I stand in awe, Your Eminence.”- Micheletto to Cesare, on Juan’s murder
“You killed your father.” — Cesare
“Still I stand in awe.” –Micheletto

Bunheads (review)

“Michelle! Hi! You’re on time! — Jimmy, greeting Michelle for her Chicago audition
“Jimmy! Hi! I’m ignoring the surprise in your voice!” — Michelle

“If a director can just look at you and say ‘no’ after three seconds, it’s not ‘no’ ’cause you’re so young and hot; it’s ‘no’ ’cause you’re starting to look like an IHOP cashier.” — Michelle, to Hubble, as she downs several martinis
“You know, there’s an IHOP down the street from my office … the cashier’s name is Julie and she’s a very attractive woman.” — Hubble

“Check your brothers’ closets. That’s where we found Sleeping Beauty’s costume last year.” — Fanny, warning the dancers that they need to find a missing tutu before their production of The Nutcracker

“Wait. You live with your mother, like a serial killer?” — Michelle, to Hubble

“I know you don’t love me. I’m not an idiot. But I don’t believe you’re not made that way … you wanna love, you just haven’t found the right person yet. Maybe you don’t trust that anybody’s gonna understand you. But I do. I know exactly what you want. You want to laugh, and you want to travel,and you want to be surprised, and challenged. You want to live an unexpected life. And I intend you give you exactly that.” — Hubble, to Michelle

“Where’d you learn to kiss like that? (pause) Oh god, don’t say your mother.” — Michelle, to Hubble

“I once got an audition for a Broadway show — totally last minute. I grabbed my bag, I ran 30 blocks, I walked in the door … it was for Dreamgirls. I was supposed to be black.” — Michelle, to the dancers
“No way! What happened?” — the dancers
“I got a callback … attitude, my friends.” — Michelle

Lost Girl (review)

“Look, if somebody that I slept with and care about told me that they had a girlfriend in a coma trapped inside a top-secret facility run by a society of uber-humanoids called the fae, I’d think it was a blow-off.” — Lauren, to Bo

“Sometimes a flesh-eater is too tired to get out of bed, go to the fridge, know what I mean?” — Gary

Photo Credit: ABC Family

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