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Ratings Clack – Mad Men returns at record levels

The big story last week was the premiere of ‘Mad Men’, which returned from an extended hiatus to record viewing levels. Over on the networks, week two of ‘Touch’ raises some questions and the prospects for ‘Community’ continue to improve.

by Brett Love

The Good Wife – The one with Mrs. Chanandler Bong

Here’s a question: if Peter’s running a clean office (which I’ve never believed), what was Eli doing in a meeting to determine whether or not the State’s Attorney’s office would be pressing charges in a minor (or any) case? Is Peter really naive enough to violate the rules so blatantly?

by Aryeh S.

Ratings Clack – Dancing With The Stars and Touch premiere, fall short of Walking Dead

ABC and FOX had big premieres for ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and ‘Touch’ last week, but both were overshadowed by the crazy numbers AMC brought in with the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’.

by Brett Love

Ratings Clack – Community returns to season highs

There was good news for ‘Community’ fans last week, as the show hit season highs in the ratings. And there was bad news for ‘Luck’ fans, as the previously renewed second season was abruptly canceled. HBO giveth, and HBO taketh away.

by Brett Love

The Good Wife fails to break free

I made a conscious decision to ignore the romantic story lines from last night, because frankly I’m not interested in either. Why is Diane’s love life suddenly front and center once again? And now Will’s ex is back? Really?

by Aryeh S.

Ratings Clack – Iffy premieres for GCB and Breaking In

Premieres for ‘GCB’ and ‘Breaking In’ came in at somewhat less than ABC and FOX might have been hoping for, falling well short of a repeat ‘Big Bang’ on CBS. Over on cable, the premiere of “Breakout Kings’ did nothing to slow down the ‘Walking Dead’ juggernaut.

by Brett Love

The Good Wife – Sexual harassment can get you pregnant

The best moment of the night was a throwaway line between Eli and Alicia after Sweeney walked out onto the stage at the shareholders’ meeting. Eli looked at Alicia and said, “He’s weird with you.” You think? Awesome!

by Aryeh S.
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