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CartoonClack – Eek! The Cat

Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp created a terrific 90’s cartoon that, criminally, still hasn’t seen the proper light of day on DVD. Michael guest posts for Katie in this edition of CartoonClack.

by Michael Noble

Person of Interest – Nine reasons it’s X-Files reborn

Is ‘Person of Interest’ the new ‘X-Files’? Hmm, a hot female sidekick who rocks a pageboy; a tall, seemingly emotionless one-note man who remains badass in his pursuit of the truth, and a conspiracy theorist geek who lives in the shadows. Can’t tell which is which? Exactly.

by An Nicholson

The X-Files and Millennium themes – CliqueClack Flashback

You know Mark Snow, composer extraordinaire, through some of his most recognizable pieces of music.

by Michael Noble

MusiClack – Instrumental television theme songs

Tara and Michael each pick 5 of their favorite instrumental television themes. Are any of them yours?

by Michael Noble

A chat with the Cigarette-Smoking Man – Interview with William B. Davis

‘X-Files’ alum William B. Davis recently spoke with me about his new memoir and what it’s like to be associated with a character for more than a decade.

by Brittany Frederick

Why are writers so afraid of the Moonlighting Effect?

Should showrunners and writers really be afraid pulling the trigger on certain relationships? Or should they be to blame for their inability to write the ‘what happens next?’

by Ivey West

Poll: What are TV’s scariest episodes?

What’s your scariest TV episode? Is it ‘Dr. Who’s’ “Blink,” ‘Buffy’s’ “Hush,” or ‘American Horror Story’s’ pilot? Or, are you afraid of real life horror stories like Tom Cruise? Let us know what gives you nightmares!

by An Nicholson
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