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Olive oil cake, chocolate cherry brownies, Mexican chocolate cake – Recipe Roundup

Sometimes eating healthy just makes me want more dessert -- is that so wrong?

Eating healthy comes with a price. For many people, that’s a smaller waistline, glowing skin and lots of energy. For me this week, it’s been dessert cravings! I’ve stuck with my tiny serving of grain-sweetened chocolate chips (and a few snitches of the cherry coconut milk ice cream Owen and I made today) but the recipes crossing my path this past week have really been testing my will power.

Seriously, Heidi Swanson, will you cut it out? Your recipe for chocolate cherry brownies just about killed me. As if gooey brownies more like a fallen chocolate cake wouldn’t be enough to send me screaming to the kitchen for my KitchenAid, you have to include port-soaked dried cherries in the recipe? Must. Not. Bake….

Now this recipe for olive oil cake with orange-lavender syrup definitely made me sit up and salivate. I’ve never seen anything like it, I adore cooking with lavender and it’s got marsala, lemon zest and not too much sugar. I’ll be trying this one with all of my usual substitutions: spelt flour, palm sugar or sucanat and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I even love that it’s served with sour cream, which you know I will replace with organic whole milk plain yogurt.

This recipe for Mexican chocolate cake is just weird enough to work. Both gluten-free and vegan, those points alone would sell it for many people. Add in the nutrition of the sweet potato puree and lots of cinnamon and a winner is born.

Just writing this post has packed a few extra pounds on me, so I’m off for a bike ride on this beautiful spring day.

Photo Credit: FotoosVanRobin / Flickr

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