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Frittata, soup, tartelettes, scones and hunger – Recipe Roundup

How did that recipe for a Cantonese dinner get in there amongst the salmon asparagus frittata, zucchini leek tartelettes, sweet potato soup and ginger pecan scones?

Red quinoa stuffing with apples and currants

To satisfy a craving with something better than you originally craved is truly a wondrous thing….

This chocolate chip skillet cookie has taken over my life

It’s a giant cookie — c’mon, a GIANT COOKIE! Is there really anything more to say about this dessert?

Six things I’ve cooked in my kitchen lately – Recipe Test Drives

I’ve recently tried some recipes I love and would make again in a heartbeat. Most of them are main dishes, but, oh, that dessert. …

Bring some veggies to your Super Bowl party without being a jerk – Hold the Meat

Looking for something reasonably healthy to eat at your Super Bowl party this weekend? This recipes make eating veggies while watching football awesome.

Eight perfect Chili recipes – Recipe Roundup

Watching a football game expends a lot of energy. Feed your fan fervor with chili. Con carne, vegetarian, pork, chicken, spicy, green – the only recipes you’ll need are right here.

‘Castle’ star Nathan Fillion tweets his vegetarian bean dip recipe

Recently, Nathan Fillion tweeted a seven-layer bean dip recipe and invited his followers to try it out and take photos. I did just that.

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