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Royal Pains – It’s all about Paige!

Have the writers of ‘Royal Pains’ finally realized how to successfully juggle their main characters? Maybe. This time, Paige gets the spotlight and a lot more to do in an episode that was really fun and really gripping.

by Jaylen Christie

So You Think You Can Dance – Best show of the season

‘SYTYCD’ was jam-packed with superb performances. Fans of the show wait for this episode every year. You don’t know when it’s coming … all of a sudden it’s just there.

by Michael Noble

Should NBC’s new comedy Go On, go on? I say no.

Although NBC’s newest comedy pilot, ‘Go On,’ had small bright spots, it wasn’t as funny as ‘Mr. Sunshine’ and felt forced in parts.

by An Nicholson

The Carol Burnett Show on DVD – So glad to have this time together

If you were a fan of ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ or just want to introduce the show to a new generation, you can’t go wrong with the new collections available from Time Life Video.

by Chuck Duncan

Catch up with 2 Broke Girls before the new season starts

The first season of ‘2 Broke Girls’ is now available on DVD and Blu-ray before the new season starts. Will this comedy become a classic that stands the test of time, or an easily forgotten piece of fluff?

by Chuck Duncan

Bad single mom pilots: NBC’s The New Normal and FOX’s Ben & Kate

What do ‘The New Normal’ and ‘Ben & Kate’ have in common? They both feature, blonde, waif-like, single teenage mother leads with too-smart-for-their-age daughters who form saccharine sweet non-traditional families. What else do they feature? Uneven messes as plot lines.

by An Nicholson

MasterChef – I was wrong about the Top 2

The best thing about my incorrect choices this season of ​’MasterChef’ is that they’re forcing unexpected and interesting viewing on me.

by Michael Noble
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